SVO Peoples

El Presidente

Journ Galvan

Quiet and contemplative, Chief Galvan remains a mystery shrouded in rumor. Many believe he is ageless, having lived through countless eras of war and witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations. Some say the last time he ever shed a tear was as he watched the Library of Alexandria go up in flames.

Now he has taken on the challenge of building up the UCSB Student Veteran Organization to leave a legacy for future veterans. In his off time he likes surfing and hatching avocados.

  • Major: Aquatic Biology
  • Branch: Marine Corps
  • Year: Junior

Vice President

(a.k.a the Backup)

A Picture of Kyle Shipe with a serious look, wearing american flag shorts with an eagle as a fireman hat.
Kyle Shipe

Kyle needs to write a bio because the Historian doesn't know him well enough to put something here. Instead we can only imagine what he might write. Perhaps he will talk about his strong opinions on the "is a hotdog a sandwich" debate or maybe he will speak about the need for a border wall between Los Angeles and the rest of the state of California. Who knows? Kyle's a complex guy.

  • Major: College
  • Branch: Army
  • Year: Senior


Beth Connelly

Beth can be spotted around campus either riding dolphins or being flown in by a flock of seagulls. A modern day form of a snarkier Snow White, no animal, insect or other life form currently exists that does not call her friend. She spends her time on the search for animals most reasonable people know to leave alone and occasionally collects the carcasses of bugs which she will store in the veteran center freezer.

Now she has agreed to take on the challenge of financial management for the organization, even if it keeps her from spending time with her nature pals. Her favorite class is organic chemistry.

  • Major: Aquatic Biology
  • Branch: Coast Guard
  • Year: Senior


Burton Sickler

After a full four years at the University, Burt has finally achieved transition from soldier to student and can now be seen hunched over a desk in the Veteran Resource Center, grumbling to himself as he studies or works on an assignment. Although he is knowledgeable about aspects of student veteran life, direct questions startle him.

Now he contributes by gathering information into one source so it can be handed on to future SVO leadership teams. He also created and maintains the organization website. We figured it was safer to have him work with computers rather than people.

  • Major: Chemistry
  • Branch: Army
  • Year: Senior